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CBMI punctually pays social insurance annually for employees according to the rules, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund. It handles commercial insurance for all staff, including personal accident injury insurance and supplementary medical insurance. In parallel, it builds and perfects annual vocation system and overseas allowances system.

For many years, the company has arranged physical health examination for employees and retired workers regularly. Medical institution will give written report by analyzing employee’s health condition, and give treatment and prevention methods to those who suffered from disease and health risks.

CBMI has built perfect staff training system, who will organize all departments and project departments to make annual training plan and supervise its implementation. Training contents includes enterprise management, security management, projects management, construction management, professional technique and business, professional skills, pre-service training and so on. CBMI also organizes employees’ title evaluation, skill identification, qualification examination, continuing education and so on.

CBMI takes on boarding training of three sections for new employees, namely “military training + company’s in-house training + trainee teachers”. Those training could change the mentality of new employees and make them integrate into the company. CBMI also cooperates with Wuhan University of Technology, opening on-job postgraduate degree continuing education classes.

CBMI has broaden career path for employees, who can stand on their profession and have development in business management post, professional technical post, project management post and composite post. Moreover, they can made parallel conversion among many career paths. Since 2014, CBMI builds assignment management system on expert, senior project manager and professional manager, which perfecting the top career path.

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