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According to CBMI’s internationalization strategy of “going out, growing steady, building brands”, the development history of CBMI could be divided into four phases.

Phase One -- Going Out

From 2000 to 2004, CBMI has successfully undertaken lots of EPC projects such as Lafarge’s Dujiangyan and Heidelberg’s Guangzhou in terms of domestic market. And CBMI also initiated in CAT Project in Tunisia, while projects in Italy--the Domini which is running very well in terms of international market. So far, the objective of “going out” in the first phase has been realized.

Phase Two -- Growing Steady

From 2004 to 2008, groups of projects were started in France, Spain, Albania, Morocco, Tanzania, South Africa, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia by CBMI, which has “growing steady”to develop intense market competitions, fulfilling the second phase of strategic objective.

Phase Three -- Expansion

From 2008 to 2010, CBMI has establishes cooperation with the companies from Hungary, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Syria, Nigeria and Russia. In parallel, we have stood firm in Lafarge, HOLCIM, Heidelberg, Italy and many other high-ranking cement market. Ranking in the top cement companies, CBMI enjoys various markets from Europe, Africa, Mediterranean countries, America and Asia-Pacific areas.

Phase Four -- Diversification

From 2010, besides the cement business, CBMI has also expanded its markets into other fields. Recent years has witnessed the decreasing domestic cement marketing as well as more competition in abroad market, so we have positively explored and promoted the diversified development strategy, as is shown in the exploring in the fields of architecture, metallurgy, electricity, municipal administration, environmental protection and the extension of primary businesses.

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