CBMI Attended AUCBM Conference and Exhibition in Egypt

Release time:2015-11-17 16:55:14



     CBMI booth




       Visitors into CBMI booth



  Prince from Saudi Arabian visited CBMI booth



 Participants from CBMI



   CBMI representative as Member of Co-Chairman


During 10-13 Nov, 2015, CBMI team led by Mr. Wangqiang, Vice Chief Engineer and Mr. Ma Aiguo, Director of Marketing Department, attended the Arabian International Cement Conference and exhibition organized by AUCBM in Cairo, Egypt. Individual booth was arranged by CBMI during this exhibition, CBMI was also honored appointed as Co-Chairman of conference.


Arabian International Cement Conference is the most famous cement material conference in Arabian world and also significant in worldwide which draw special attention of CBMI management, after 3 months elaborate plan, amazing advertising board and panel was set up in CBMI individual promotion booths. During exhibition, lots of old and new clients and suppliers constantly visited CBMI booths for consultation, CBMI booths were at busy situation with full of the visitors all the time, which form a bright spot of the conference.


 The brand of Sinoma and CBMI has been strongly promoted to the Arabian market through this exhibition.


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