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CBMI enjoys more than 1200 employees. Among them, those with bachelor degrees or above occupy 51%. Those with intermediate or above technical titles take a proportion of 28%. Those whose skill levels at or above the intermediate level account for 27%. The company possesses 398 scientific and technical personnel, which is 33% of the total staff. Furthermore, research personnel take a proportion of 60% in the number of technical personnel.

During the process of marching in the international high-end market, based on company’s development strategy, CBMI devotes itself to developmental strategy of talented person, namely internationalization, specialization and localization. Competing with other world famous international engineering companies, it provides employees with international competition platform. CBMI cultivates the specialized and high- quality project management team, design and research team, economic management team, security management team and skill operation team. In accordance with the concept of sharing social development, it takes active localization strategy, which provides project-host country employment opportunity and booms local economy.


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